UFO’s: The Original Rods and Kustoms?

I don’t watch a lot of television.  There isn’t a television set in any of the work shops, so my exposure to it is limited to the hours I’m at home and not sleeping.  When I do watch television, however, I like shows about aliens.  Don’t get me wrong, ghost shows are okay, too, but alien shows really go outside the box.  Ancient Aliens and Hangar 1: The UFO Files are two of my favourites.  They both have documentation, real witness accounts, and highly educated  people both dissecting and verifying the evidence.  Pretty cool, right?  Well, the other night they spoke of ancient civilizations and the “Gods”.  The “Gods” were humanoid figures who came down from the “Heavens” on flying chariots, dragons, etc. Could these “Gods” have been aliens?  Could their dragons and chariots have just been customized spacecrafts?  Of course!

Consider this:  These people were not technologically advanced.  They didn’t have internal combustion engines, let alone aircrafts, so they had really no idea what they were looking at.  Also consider the fact that the aliens were highly technologically advanced, obviously capable of travelling from different planets, galaxies, dimensions, etc.  If they can travel that far, I’m sure they can customize a car, right?  They’ve come all this way, and they have no idea whether or not the people of Earth will be hostile or friendly, so they may as well bring out some “Wow” factor.  A chariot?  That’s royalty!  A dragon?  That’s a fire-breathing beast!  Who in their right mind would want to fight that?

Now, the aliens, or “Gods”, were usually described as sharing features with human beings.  Maybe they had a big head, maybe big eyes, but they almost always walked upright, with two arms, and two legs.  They were just like us, and by “us”, I mean hot rodders.  They started with saucers, triangle wedges, pyramids, and cylinders.  Who’s to say that those don’t differ like a deuce roadster to an Impala lowrider, or even to a bitchin’ Camaro?  Most sightings are either in the dark, or in the distance, so who knows how bad ass these things actually are up close?  They’re rumoured to be able to travel at speeds up to twelve-thousand miles per hour, and stop and turn on a dime.  There’s no way they come showroom stock that way.  Think about it, they’ve hopped up their spacecrafts for their upcoming trip.  Who hasn’t done that (with a car, I mean)?  I bet they did it the night before they left, too…


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