Turn to Channel 40


Seriously.  Drop whatever you’re doing, get to a SiriusXM radio, turn to station number 40, and crank that shit up to eleven (0r a reasonable facsimile, three past “uncomfortably loud”).  If you’re a diehard Metallica fan like myself, you’ve been there for a while already, for sure over a week.  Their new album is coming out, and they’ve taken over the station.  If you’re a diehard metal fan, you’re probably used to being there anyways, as 40 is usually Liquid Metal.  As you may have already guessed, I’ve been in the shop for the last ten days or so, making progress, rocking out, and depriving myself of both writing time and sleep.


I started listening to heavy metal in about the fifth grade. Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Slayer, etc.  Up until that point, I was actually a big Alice Cooper fan.  My first cassette was Alice Cooper’s Greatest Hits, while my first CD was Metallica’s self-titled Black Album.  That jewel case is so used and abused, that the cover almost looks frosted, but it still plays perfectly after all these years.  I can only imagine how many miles it has on it, not even counting the copy I have permanently embedded on the flash drive that lives in the car.


Longest I’ve ever driven for a concert?  You bet, Metallica.  They played in Edmonton when they were filming the movie a few years ago.  I left home at noon on Saturday, checked into the hotel, took a cab to the concert, took a cab back to the hotel from the concert, and was home by noon again Sunday.  The show was pretty incredible, but I don’t recall there being any footage from the Edmonton show used in the movie.  Over the course of the night, I caught three guitar picks, and a giant black beach ball.


When the show was over, it was pandemonium.  There were people and cars everywhere.  I knew it’d be a while before a cab would become available, so I went to the bar across the street, The Whiskey Rock.  What did I do with the beach ball, you may ask?  Let the air out of it and stuck it down the front of my pants, of course.  Once inside, they played nothing but 90’s grunge, punk rock, and metal, and drinks were stupid cheap.  I managed to put away a Corona every ten minutes for two hours, and half a tray of Porn Star shots.  The only downside of this whole trip?  I never drove an old vehicle…  Next time.  Gotta make Hetfield proud. (The picture of his bucket is a screen cap from YouTube, by the way.  Gotta give credit, right?)


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