The Real Halloween


Three pictures.  That’s all that I have to remember of Halloween 2017.  We went to a party as Freddy vs. Jason.  Freddy ended up staying at the Halloween party right up until the end, unlike Jason (myself) who just has to make out with some girl on the dance floor, get in a cab with her, and end up on the complete opposite end of the city at a small house party until 3:30am.  We listened to Cancer Bats, talked about dreadlocks vs. mohawks, and crushed a 26 of Wisers.  Somewhere in this whole mess, I managed to lose my mask, gloves, and machete. I did, however, manage to keep my shirt/jacket and this Coors hat I caught in the air.  Oh, and Freddy forgot his spare glove in my car.  Worst driving glove ever.



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