Short? How About Just The Tip?

If you want short, you’ve got it!  I still own a Corvette, so I know a thing or two about stuff being short…  Anyways, what can a guy say about exhaust tips?  They’re made of legit stainless, so they’re not magnetic and won’t peel before turning all orange and brown.  They’re well-polished, and have the “Pypes” logo laser-etched into the top of them like a modern socket set.  The box and wrapping did a good job of keeping them minty, and I picked the pair up on a Black Friday deal for $36.00 U.S.  Part number EVT-49, if you’re into that.  Oh, they’re going to be fed nothing but hostile, ignorant noise by a pair of Pypes M80 mufflers, and a Comp XR288 cam.  Should be a good time.

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