Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll: The Instrumental


Sorry, no sex or drugs this time.  All you’re going to get here is a few pit photos, some stories, and this busted-ass urinel sporting a soggy sign that didn’t get the point across.  This was my Wednesday night, folks, and what a great time it was.


It was storming like you wouldn’t believe, we’re talking wind and snow showers of biblical proportions.  The doors opened at 8:30, there were two bands, and I live two hours away.  If all went according to plan, I would’ve been home by approximately 2:00am.  I got home only fifteen minutes shy of my goal, so not bad considering the ice, snow, and lack of visibility.  Why did I drive a total of four hours during the first blizzard of the year on a work night?  Savage Henry and the Infamous One Pounders opening for the Brains, that’s why.


What does music have to do with hot rodding?  Everything.  Music has literally everything to do with literally everything.  Tim Armstrong of Rancid said it best when he said “When I’ve got the music, I’ve got a place to go”.  No matter how shitty life gets, you can always pull out that scratched-up old jewel case (or record sleeve or whatever), and take yourself back to a better time.  For me, that jewel case contains Rancid’s third album, …And Out Come The Wolves.  It takes me back to when I was about eleven, and every day, when I get out of bed, I make sure that I’m making eleven-year-old me proud.  An old truck in the driveway, punk rock on the stereo, and a Mohawk?  Nailed it!


I got sidetracked. Hot rodding and music…  Finkle and Einhorn… Rye and coke… Titties and beer…  Cigarettes and dope and mustard and bologna and liquor and whores… I’ve gotta focus here…  Here’s another picture while I sedate myself with some Fireball.


And we’re back!  Although I can’t drive anymore tonight due to the whole Fireball thing, driving is the key to hot rods and music.  When you’re in a confined place where you need to pay attention to both the task at hand and your surroundings, you might as well be entertained by music.  Maybe it’s late out, and you want to stay awake?  What better way than rocking out to your favorite album?  With music, a road trip can almost become a rock opera.  In 2011, while pulling in to Sandpoint, Idaho, my flash drive switched songs to “Welcome to Paradise” by Green Day.  How fitting.  Now, whenever I hear that song, I instantly go back to that time and place.  The Three Days Grace album One X dominated the summer of 2006 for me, and although I’ve listened to it since, I can’t recall anything memorable past that summer.  Long story short, you won’t catch me with radio delete in anything I build, however, you may catch me, literally, crowd surfing though a mosh pit somewhere.




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