Product Review: A Tin Can

Why would a guy even buy such a thing?  It’s nothing but an expensive tin can that’s sealed everywhere except the three holes in the top.  Yep.  That being said, it looks good, it’s well built, and it won’t melt from the excessive heat that iron heads and fenderwell headers will create.  Oh, and it’s not a greasy, rejected piece of a smog system like some people use.

The part number is SUM-G1464B, and I bet it’s not made in North America…  It comes wrapped in plastic inside a plain, white cardboard box.  Included are a zinc-plated bracket, rubber grommet, plastic check valve, brass elbow, and steel pipe plug.  The instructions are solid if you need them, and the slightly-textured, semi-gloss powdercoat is nice.  It’s heavy, but that’s good, as I don’t think it will dent easily. In reality, it feels a lot like those green propane tanks that people take camping, so if you want to save a few bucks, you could modify one of those.

Overall, I’m happy with it.  My power brakes should work properly, I now have a place to hook up a boost/vac gauge,  and I don’t have to clean it up and paint it myself.

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