Pre-Halloween Halloween. I didn’t get the memo.


A Northsider, a North Quarter guy, a Sinner and a Hooligan walk into a bar.  It wasn’t early, it wasn’t planned, and we weren’t even all together, but sometimes it just happens.  It all started happening at about 4:00pm in preparation for a pub crawl that I didn’t know was Halloween themed.  It’s a week early… Come on!

It started at Bobby’s Place, a nice little Irish pub on Dewdney.  Too bad it wasn’t staying there, as according to the poster above the urinal, Dangerous Cheese were playing, a local 80’s cover band.  Oh well, they weren’t going on stage for a while, there was time to get back.  Maybe.

From there, the bus went to the Pump Roadhouse, a country bar.  Jell-O shots were a buck each on the bus, $5.oo minimum, and everyone seemed to be going for the deal.  The Pump was initially dead, as it was only 6:00pm, but the two busloads of people livened it up pretty fast.  There was a nursing student dressed as a Priest who had a problem.  His costume was heavy, and he happened to be overheating from too many shots.  He needed some tape to tie his pants up.  Well, we didn’t have any tape handy, but we did have condoms! Problem solvers, MacGyver style.


Next stop was Gabbo’s.  Different scene again, as this is a night club.  They were handing out free shots at the door, and beads, which I eventually exchanged for boobs.  Gotta follow the rules, right?  I think the highlight of the night club was this heavy-ass old door.  It’s located in the men’s room, and it’s definitely been pissed on more than a few times over the years, just look at the patina around waist height.  You can’t faux that!


Third stop was Habano’s, another night club.  Highlight of this place?  I won best male costume, as I was the only male on the dance floor for the judging.  I told them I was dressed as a roadie.  Drunk, torn jeans, patched-up hoody, Mohawk, and sneakers.  Nailed it!  They gave me a $50.00 gift certificate that I promptly turned into shots.  On to the next bar!


Eldorado’s, another country bar.  I got separated from the group there, so I bailed and legged it to Bobby’s Place to catch the end of Dangerous Cheese.  I was able to catch the last five songs of their set, order a drink, snap a picture, and then leg it back to Eldorado’s to meet up with everyone once again.  Honestly, nothing cool happened from that moment until I got in the cab and left for good.  I did, however, end up with leopard panties around my neck from a stagette, and the usual wrist band and stamp from a good night of paying cover charges.  About average.  Wonder what real Halloween will have in store for us next weekend.  Don’t worry, you’ll hear about it.


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