Mental and physical well-being. Or maybe I’m just mental?


Disclaimer:  This might end up reading weird.  I’ve written totally sober before.  I’ve also written totally intoxicated.  Tonight, however, I’m writing totally…  I don’t know what.  I’ve been a vegetarian for almost a decade now, and I thought I had it nailed down.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.  I’ve been getting plenty of protein, but I missed the boat on a bunch of things I can’t pronounce.  Long story short, I bought a ton of supplements so I can play catch-up, and I’m doing this weird “load” this week.  Load is an understatement, as all this garbage causes and incredible cotton-mouth, and I’m on my seventh litre of water today.  It feels like I got high on LSD, then took a bunch of cocaine so I could stay up later, and do more LSD.  Luckily, this load ends the day before a pub crawl, so I get to celebrate good health the hard way, followed by 4:00am pizza at Delila’s, of course.


Mental well-being… Oh yeah!  I tried to clean the shop up tonight, as I have a quarter panel to replace and I don’t technically have the space to do it.  I got sidetracked about as many times as a man can get sidetracked in a familiar environment, as I had to move stuff I forgot I owned into corners I haven’t seen in years.  Some people might use the word “hoarder”, but I prefer to use the word “décor”.  Sure, everything is filthy, unpleasant to the touch, and carries with it an odour, but I didn’t find one dead cat!  Have you ever walked into a garage that has shiny white walls, matching upper and lower cabinets all around, a nice stainless steel counter top, and that fancy epoxy paint on the floor?  I feel like I should leave the beer in the truck and ask for the wine list.  Those new signs with the faux patina that are made to look like old signs?  Even I have a couple of them, and folks that don’t know shit about shit can pick them out from the real deal from twenty feet away.


Working in a crooked, drafty, dirty old building surrounded by old accumulated crap has given me a real appreciation for… Well… Old accumulated crap.  As I moved newer, more useful crap out of my way, I kept getting sidetracked looking at all my old, much less useful crap.  It was like a garage tour that I helped plan, and then forgot that I’d been there before.  I never did get that quarter panel on tonight, but I did get back in the zone.  Tomorrow night…  What’s with the pictures on the cork board?  That’s the wall of shame…  Can’t you tell?  And the parking meter?  It was an award.  I was going to install it on the bedside table, but I’d hate for anyone to feel like there was a time limit.


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