I’m Not a Photographer.

I haven’t written for a long time…  Everyone kept telling me I needed more pictures, so since I don’t go anywhere, I don’t take pictures.  Since I don’t take pictures, the only writing I do is take notes for future reference.  Seems like a good idea, right?  Well, I just started tidying up my kitchen island where I do the majority of my writing.  It’s well-lit, a nice height, and four foot by twelve foot, so you just know I’ll never run out of space.  Spoiler alert:  I ran out.

The cat has recently decided that pushing things off the table is fun, so I have to downsize to a manageable level, not to mention add some clips and weights to prevent further feline complication.  How many little notes and ideas have I piled up?  Literally hundreds.  Hundreds of entries shelved because I don’t have enough pictures to put it all together and post it.  That’s not me, I’m a newspaper guy, not a magazine guy.

Long story short,  get ready for more regular entries.  Like pictures?  There’s always Instagram!

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