Hey, it’s looked worse and so have I.


“So, you looking after my car good?”  I was asked that exact question today.  Nope, not about something old and cool, just my daily driver Chrysler 300.  I bought it off the local dealer about five years ago, and the fella who traded it off has regretted it ever since.  He bought a Dodge Journey, and apparently it sucks.  I’ve put on as many kilometers on the 300 as he did, and can honestly say I’ve had no problems with it that weren’t due to abuse or just regular maintenance.  It’s comfortable, it’s incognito, and with all-wheel drive, it’s great in the winter.  Unfortunately, it virtually gets truck gas mileage, but lacks the utility of a bed out back.  Past that one minor negative, it’s alright, and will work for the half of the year that I can’t drive anything else due to ice, snow, and salt.  The picture?  Fresh today.  It was a rough Saturday night…  Won’t be the last one, I promise.

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