Hellyeah to the band, and Hell No to Bodywork

I met Vinnie Paul once.  He’s the drummer for the metal band Hellyeah, but most know him as the drummer for Pantera.  He’s a big, hairy redneck, a total Southern party animal.  I asked him who owned the ‘Cuda in the Cowboy Way video, to which he replied “Huh?  The old car?  I don’t know, man.  Now that I can afford ’em, I drive new cars, I don’t mess with old cars”.  Chad Gray, the lead singer, later told me it was owned by a friend of his.  Vinnie Paul had a point though.  If you’ve got the money, and the scene isn’t your thing, why drive an old car?  They make some pretty bad ass new ones nowadays.

I’ve been covered in non-branded gold body filler dust for weeks now.  The shop is gross, my clothes are impregnated with filth, and my snot may never come out the proper color again.  The firewall, roof skin, trunk lid, and one quarter panel are done, but there’s still a lot to go.  The other quarter is just a repeat, the taillights and rear pan are a pain in the ass, and door jambs are just a nightmare.  Both door skins are actually pretty good, and both fenders are decent as well.  The hood is a disaster, but I get it, as so was the windshield.  Pavement was a long ways away in 1955.  I wonder how people convinced themselves to buy a new car back then when they didn’t have a road worthy of putting it on?

What drives a guy to finish a project like this?  It’s simple, really.  I bought shiny parts right at the start, and had an engine built about a year ago.  When there’s so many of the finishing touches laying around, how can a guy not want to see it all come together?  That Chevy small block on the stand with the fenderwell headers hanging off of it?  Who wouldn’t want to hear that cam lump away?  Finally, there’s the paint.  It’s going to be a dark green, and I kind of want to see how good or bad I’ve gotten at bodywork.

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