Everybody Got Laid!

Spoiler alert: The title may or may not be accurate.

Two firsts occurred on Saturday night:

  1. I rode in a Henry J for the first time in my life.  Not the rare restored model, however, but the much more common gasser (thankfully).
  2. I teleported.

It all started with two people who wanted to get drunk.  We succeeded, knocked the night right out of the park in that category.  Took a cab downtown, stuck with whiskey, and had a good time.  First bar had nothing, second bar had Kiss pinball, and the third bar is also the fifth bar, as the fourth bar sucked.  Actually, the whole night was pretty tame, but we were too drunk to realize it at the time.

Bar 3/5 showed us that a short plastic bar glass can be thrown across the smoking patio, land upside-down on a beer bottle that’s sitting on a ledge, and not break anything.  It also introduced us to a girl with three tongue piercings who was looking for a committed relationship.  The girl in the picture?  Nope, not her.  She just kept randomly appearing and liked my hat.

After the bar, we teleported half way across town to 7-Eleven for junk food.  How, you ask?  It’ simple really.  We didn’t have a sober driver, we don’t remember taking a cab, and it was too cold and windy to walk.  Teleporting is so bad ass, and it’s new enough that I don’t believe there’s any drinking/teleporting laws in place yet.  Oh, everyone also got laid.  If we don’t remember teleporting, we also probably got laid, I mean, we tend to forget the good stuff…

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