Buyer’s Remorse Turned Décor


I often wonder why I buy some of the crap that I buy.  If you’re a regular reader of this whole mess, you’re either into old cars or substance abuse, so you can relate, I’m sure.  I’ve recently sold the odd thing that I don’t need, such as parts for projects I no longer have, but then there’s the really bad stuff.  That includes anything that is totally useless, yet totally awesome.  The carburetor and intake combo in the picture is exactly that, one of “the bad ones”.

I found it on eBay about ten years back.  The description was vague, the photos were Polaroids that had been scanned, and the guy had about twenty feedback.  As you may have guessed, I bought it on price.  When it arrived, the carbs and intake had been chromed, and were heavily pitted.  The carburetors matched, but were incomplete, and the linkage was a joke.  I bummed a float needle out of one carb once for a different Carter, but other than that, it’s nothing more than wall art.  The scoops?  They’re obviously the product of the universe paying me back for a lousy carb and intake purchase.  They weren’t listed correctly, and I wasn’t even looking for them at the time, so one stink bid and they were mine.  The chrome is in similar shape, and they look just deadly on there.

One day, I’ll mount this setup on a small block for display purposes only.  All I need is a pair of tall, 60’s SBC valve covers with the right patina, and some grubby old chromed zoomie headers.  Have you bought something ridiculous that turned out to be pretty cool in the end?  Don’t hesitate to tell me about it, after all,  I confessed.  Didn’t even have to bust out the intervention banner and chairs, this time anyways…

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