At least there was pizza…


Just because there isn’t some sort of car event on, doesn’t mean we can’t get together and have a few drinks.  This past weekend, a few of us decided to attend the last roller derby bout of the season, or in reality, the last after-party.  As usual, there was a lot of cheap beer, and a fairly early departure time.  Where does one go at midnight?  Downtown, of course!  O’Hanlon’s Irish Pub was way too packed to party, so we legged it down the street to a little place called The Fat Badger.  It was definitely a better crowd for us, despite the fact that my beer ended up with a cigar floating in the bottom like the worm in tequila.  It was nearing 1:30am, so I finished my Coors Light with ash garnish (I left the filter, though), and we made our way north to the bar district.

It took literally forever to get there, and I’m pretty sure it’s uphill the whole way…  We’re car guys, walking is not our thing!  It was louder and darker downtown, but really, it wasn’t any better.  What a waste of a night…  Just when we were ready to call a cab, a guy walked by with a flyer.  “Delila’s Donair, Pizza & Hookah Lounge.  Open until 4:00am”.  Sold!  It didn’t seem like that long of a walk, so the three of us set out on another leg of our un-adventurous adventure.

We misjudged,  it felt like we walked forever (2.5 miles total, as a matter of fact), but we made it to Delila’s by about 3:30.  Two of us ordered pizzas, and the other one ordered a donair I think?  He asked for extra pickles, and in the awesomest way possible, he got extra pickles.  Nope, not on the donair, but rather a big handful stacked on the plate beside it.  I forgot to take a picture, sadly…  The music was odd, the décor was dark, the air smelled of smoking water, and we were the only ones who spoke English in the entire place, but it was the highlight of the night.  Had I a good grasp on Russian or German, I may have been able to ask how the Hookah was, but I guess I’ll just leave that review up to any of my readers who dare to try it.  I recommend going after midnight, you might even see me there on a Saturday night…  After all, where else are you going to get an amazing pizza in an international atmosphere at that hour?


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